Picture of Rigid Filler Pipe

Rigid Filler Pipe

A no cost choice of flexible or rigid filler pipe is available on both Water Cell and Modular Tanker systems. The flexible pipe is supplied in lengths up to 50m and can be cut to any size. As it can also be bent around corners, it is the perfect choice for larger tree planters, for most exterior applications and for unusual size planters. The flexible pipe can be fitted with a water level indicator which is manually cut to size. Rigid pipes are pre-fitted with a ball float indicator, can be purchased in 5cm incremental lengths and are simply pushed into the tanks for fitting, making this the best and simplest solution for the majority of interior planters. Tanker Cylinder can only be fitted with flexible pipe and cannot be fitted with a water level indicator – however levels can still be read using a Dip Stic

Size Options
  • Code Dia x H Retail Price
  • RFP25 32 x 250 £6.24 (ex VAT)
  • RFP30 32 x 300 £6.74 (ex VAT)
  • RFP35 32 x 350 £7.24 (ex VAT)
  • RFP40 32 x 400 £7.61 (ex VAT)
  • RFP45 32 x 450 £7.98 (ex VAT)
  • RFP50 32 x 500 £8.23 (ex VAT)
  • RFP60 32 x 600 £8.86 (ex VAT)
  • RFP70 32 x 700 £9.73 (ex VAT)
  • RFP100 32 x 1000 £13.10 (ex VAT)
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