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Garden Water features are a beautiful, eye catching way to elevate your garden. They can create stunning displays, reflecting their surroundings and being an overall calming addition to your garden.

Typically made from stone, stainless steel, resin, iron or glass, water features can go inside or outside, usually making a beautiful accessory to your garden. Keep reading to find our favourite reasons why water features could benefit you.

Calming & Relaxing

One of the more obvious benefits to water features are their tranquil and calming properties. Not only do you get the visual benefits, but it engages your hearing too, calming you with the sound of running water.

Attracting Wildlife

You might notice that your water feature attracts an array of wildlife. From small birds to dragonflies and butterflies, your water feature can act as a calming and natural hub for all the creatures in your garden.

This is also a good way of being eco-friendly and encouraging natural ecosystems within your garden.

Focal Point

If aesthetics are important to you, a water feature can be a flawless centre-piece to tie your garden together. With so many design options out there, you can really enhance your garden with a striking modern water feature, or find something that fits seamlessly into your garden’s aesthetic.

If you’re someone who hosts a lot or has regular guests, it can also be a great talking point for anyone who comes over!

Low Maintenance

Despite what you may think, water features are extremely low maintenance. Apart from taking out the odd leaf or twig, water features recirculate water within them, reducing the changes of stagnant water. Once they’ve been installed, they are relatively maintenance free.

Property Value

If you keep your water feature in good condition, it can definitely help raise the value of your property. If you are thinking about selling your home at some point in the future, a water feature could be a good investment when it comes to selling.

Unique To You

If you go for a bespoke water feature, you will be able to express your own creativity and taste by designing a water feature that is personal to you! From colour to shape and size, you can make all the decisions regarding your water feature to create a perfect fit for your garden.

Livingreen Design

Here at Livingreen Design, we offer a range of water features and bespoke design options so that you can find the best addition for your home.

You can explore our range of products here on our website, or, feel free to get in touch with us for any further questions!