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What Can Livingreen Design Offer?


  • Professional Product Designers on our in house team.
  • The ability to talk directly to architects, landscape architect, designers and engineers, and to create manufacturing drawings for approval prior to construction.
  • Full CAD and 3D modelling available as well as 3D printing on site. All major design programmes supported.
  • Full tool making facilities including on site joinery and CNC
  • Full mould making facilities, both from GRP and temporary in a variety of materials for a more cost effective solution in lower numbers
  • The largest specialist fibreglass Planter and exterior furniture manufacturing facility in the UK – we can handle any size of bespoke job, from a single planter to the largest of commercial schemes in a professional and timely manner.
  • The ability to manufacture complementary product in wood or to incorporate wooden or metal elements in to any design.
  • A huge range of extras can be built in including, Pallets bases, properly engineered castor bases, tree anchors, integrated lighting, Integrated power points and other electrics (Fibreglass does not conduct electricity so is extremely safe in this regard), False bases to save weight, Logos and even full Fire Retardancy to Class 0/1 standards.
  • The experience to deliver.
  • We are a truly International Company with regular exports to the whole of Europe, North America and the UAE.

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