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What is a Green Wall?

Taking replica greenwalls to the next level, Livingreen offer solutions for every space, large orsmall, indoor or exterior. Our greenwall is a panel system that can also include logos, pictures and other architectural shapes and features. Our Greenwalls are famed for their real feel, for creating a vertical garden that even experienced horticulturists have to look at twice to tell its not live.

Each wall is created for individual clients and can feature highlight planting such as more colour, flowering or long trails. A wall can be built in different ways – either using our 8 standard panels, or where appropriate for the space, bespoke panels of larger size or different shapes can easily be produced to order.

We can also build the same Greenwall on mesh frames and almost any size which are great for large areas and particularly for exterior Greenwalls. These can easily be screwed onto the wall and trimmed on site for a perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Incredibly realistic replica plants - we are professional horticulturists and wouldn't settle for anything less
  • Long lasting and low maintenance
  • Excellent UV stability outdoors
  • Custom designed mounting frames that will not rot or weather

If has to be artificial, talk to us. We will ensure your project gets the best quality, longest lasting and most realistic replica landscape its possible to buy.

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Large or small, indoor or outdoor, take a look at how some of our customers have used our Greenwalls