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How do I place an order?

For bespoke products, please contact us with your specifications and we will provide you with a quotation. If you need guidance with a project, we will gladly analyse your drawings or work with you to design something that fits your budget. Once you've approved the quote, an invoice will be issued.

For standard products, you can register a retail or trade account and then order regular products through our website.

Are you able to do site visits?

No, don't usually conduct site visits, you can contact us if you think one would be necessary. We can create bespoke projects; if you have technical drawings and dimensions, we can provide you with a quote

Are you product dimensions internal or external measurements?

All our products display the external measurements in millimetres. If you require the internal or lip measurements, please request this information.

How to I register a trade account?

Create an account on our website and then head over here

What colours and finishes are available?

We have a wide range of colours and finishes available.  With a full professional paint shop located at the heart of our workshop we can offer almost any colour and finish available on the market today. Our planters are available in any RAL, British Standard, or Pantone colour. Our own range includes polished stardust, polished metallics, polished pearlescent, textured metallics, dapple, naturals (earthenware, aged lead, concrete, terracotta, antique lead), premium finishes (stone, Corten steel, Verdigris) and vintage metals (bronze, brass, copper, tin, and iron). We can even match colours to logos and all major paint brands. Actual colours may differ slightly from what seen onscreen due to display variances. If you need a certain colour, please request a swatch.

These colours are available in gloss, matt, textured, or satin finishes.

How much does delivery cost?

The cost of delivery is determined on the size and quantity of the order. For retail there is a set cost of £25. For trade, your shipping cost will be invoiced once your order is received.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, and internationally.

What is fibreglass?

Fiberglass is a composite material made of reinforced plastic and resin that is incredibly robust and long-lasting. Over 48,000 applications exist for reinforced fibreglass, and five million metric tonnes of fibreglass are produced yearly.

What are the benefits of fibreglass?

Fibreglass is incredibly light, extremely strong, corrosion-free, thermally insulating, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.

Can you recycle fibreglass planters?

Absolutley! To be used in other products, the fibreglass material is first cut into tiny pieces and then shred into powders or tiny fragments. There is little to no waste; essentially, all material that can be reground can be reused.

How long will our fibreglass products last?

All products will last on average 10 years, but they will most likely last much longer.

How thick are fibreglass products?

The fibreglass thickness will be dependant per product but on average small planters are 3mm thick, medium planters are 5mm thick and large planters are 8mm thick. As all our products are hand made please be aware that these sizes may slightly vary per product.

How are your fibreglass products made?

All of our products are handmade to order in our Scottish factory.

Are fibreglass planters sustainable / environmentally friendly?

Yes, fibreglass is extremely long-lasting. Fiberglass is lightweight and easy to carry, and it does not take a lot of energy to manufacture. This reduces both expenses and consumption. Furthermore, fibreglass is primarily made from sand. Because glass is comprised of sand, fibreglass is mostly formed of sand as well. Sand is a plentiful resource that may be found all over the world. Fiberglass also has the advantage of being durable. Fiberglass is extremely energy efficient, earning it the Energy Star certification. It can be combined with LEED and Green Global certifications. Because fibreglass lasts for years or even decades, it will not need to be replaced frequently. This is a vital element.

What environments are best suited for fibreglass planters?

All our products are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Do fibreglass planters need to be lined?

No, liners are not required for our planters.

How are payments made?

Payment is made via debit or credit card online. If you have an approved credit account with us then payments are by bank transfer BACS.

What are our terms and conditions?

Can our fibreglass products be used near the seaside?

Yes, fibreglass is extremely durable and can withstand the seaside air. However, if you live close to the sea, you may notice salt residue on your planters, this wont effect your product and can be cleaned off using water.

How can I water my plants?

Every product comes with the option of purchasing the suitable irrigation system. Our planter irrigation systems are handmade, permitting water to be applied to the soil using a variety of tubes, pumps, and sprays. All of our irrigation systems can be purchased separately. 

Please request a price for an irrigation system to be incorporated to bespoke products.

If I ordered the wrong product, can it be returned?

If the customer has ordered online or ordered via quotation, and provided the wrong measurements, colour, or finish then the order cannot be returned or refunded.

If the customer has ordered the wrong colour, we may be able to re-paint the product at a cost. Please contact us to arrange a re-spray if necessary.

Do our planter products come with drainage holes?

All of our fibreglass planters come without drainage holes, however if they're going outside, we strongly advise that drainage holes be added. This can be done in our factory free of charge at the time of manufacture or at a later stage by yourself using a drill.

Can castors be added to our products?

Yes, we can add castors to most of our planters, but we'll need to know ahead of time so we can reinforce the planter's base. When ordering online, castors can be added on. When ordering bespoke items, please note at the time of ordering if castors are required.

Why add castors to our planters?

Castors are extremely useful because they allow products to be effortlessly moved. If the items are transported from inside to outside on a daily basis, it is easier to wheel than to lift once they are planted.

What product brochures are available to download?

We have a Series 3 Full brochure, Exterior solutions brochure, Artificial plants and trees brochure, Colours and finishes and many more. Please visit our brochure page here.

I don’t see the size or shape of planter I’m looking for – can you make bespoke products?

Yes, as everything is handmade to order, we can create bespoke items. Please contact us directly with dimensions, a desired shape, and if possible, drawings. We will provide a quote based on your specifications.

How long will my order take to be made?

Product, quantity, and shipment location will all influence order lead times. Our lead times are 4 weeks on average during the quiet season and 6 weeks on average during the busy season.

What is Preserved Moss?

Natural preserved moss is lifeless moss that has been carefully maintained for aesthetic reasons using an environmentally safe approach. Along with adding a splash of green to the decor, it also captures the space with its natural and powerful energy. The water in preserved moss has been replaced with glycerol. It is no longer alive and won't regenerate or grow.

Does preserved moss stay green?

Preserved moss will stay lush and green for years without regular upkeep, even in less than optimal conditions. All the advantages of a living wall are offered by these products offered, but without the maintenance and cost.

How long will moss walls last?

A preserved moss wall can last for two to eight years or longer before requiring professional maintenance. The type of moss used, the level of ambient moisture, and whether the artwork is out of reach of people all affect how long these botanical works of art last. Moss walls are completely secure and inviting to touch, but over time, repeated touching can harm them.

What are the optimal conditions for a moss wall?

The ideal indoor location to keep preserved moss products for longer is one with the qualities listed: relative humidity conditions between 45% and 65%, Can't be touched or handled, Out of strong sunlight, Moderate footfall.

What are the benefits of a preserved moss wall?

One of the major benefits of preserved moss is that it doesn't require watering, works flawlessly with artificial lighting and ventilation, and only requires occasional dusting in terms of maintenance. This is why it is so highly recommended for indoor spaces. Additionally, it offers natural soundproofing, has a long lifespan, is simple to install, is highly resistant to climatic changes, and does not attract insects.

Can you make bespoke sized moss walls?

Yes, as everything is handmade to order, we can create bespoke items. Please contact us directly with dimensions, a desired shape, and if possible, drawings. We will provide a quote based on your specifications.