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About our preserved moss wall art

Bring that outside feeling inside with our beautifully hand-crafted preserved moss and plant walls and art, bespoke made in any shape or size, with or without frames.

Made from real preserved moss and plants, not dried or artificial, they are grown and harvested from a sustainable source and preserved using a natural plant based biodegradable process - great green credentials that made them the choice of COP26 for a beautiful, natural, sustainable display.

Whether you're working from home or back in the office, introduce a botanical flair to your environment with our moss panels. 

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  • Real moss, delicately preserved
  • Each piece of wall art is unique
  • Various types of moss available
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • A real talking point
  • Low maintenance

Standard Moss Wall Art Options

Available in standard sizes and shapes shown below, or we can create any size or design to your custome requirements.

Take inspiration...

Moss wall art is a real taking point, brighten up your surroundings and wow visitors to your office or home... Talk to us today

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Preserved Moss?

Natural preserved moss is lifeless moss that has been carefully maintained for aesthetic reasons using an environmentally safe approach. Along with adding a splash of green to the decor, it also captures the space with its natural and powerful energy. The water in preserved moss has been replaced with glycerol. It is no longer alive and won't regenerate or grow.

Does preserved moss stay green?

Preserved moss will stay lush and green for years without regular upkeep, even in less than optimal conditions. All the advantages of a living wall are offered by these products offered, but without the maintenance and cost.

How long will moss walls last?

A preserved moss wall can last for two to eight years or longer before requiring professional maintenance. The type of moss used, the level of ambient moisture, and whether the artwork is out of reach of people all affect how long these botanical works of art last. Moss walls are completely secure and inviting to touch, but over time, repeated touching can harm them.

What are the optimal conditions for a moss wall?

The ideal indoor location to keep preserved moss products for longer is one with the qualities listed: relative humidity conditions between 45% and 65%, Can't be touched or handled, Out of strong sunlight, Moderate footfall.

What are the benefits of a preserved moss wall?

One of the major benefits of preserved moss is that it doesn't require watering, works flawlessly with artificial lighting and ventilation, and only requires occasional dusting in terms of maintenance. This is why it is so highly recommended for indoor spaces. Additionally, it offers natural soundproofing, has a long lifespan, is simple to install, is highly resistant to climatic changes, and does not attract insects.

Can you make bespoke sized moss walls?

Yes, as everything is handmade to order, we can create bespoke items. Please contact us directly with dimensions, a desired shape, and if possible, drawings. We will provide a quote based on your specifications.