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About Greenscreen Standard Noise Barrier

The pleasant aesthetic of the greenscreen noise barriers blends in with any setting. Plants can grow on the durable coconut fibre exterior that covers the noise barriers. The coconut fiber-wrapped tubing offer significant noise insulation and absorption in addition to being perfect for climbing plants of all kinds to adhere to. Within a few years, the greenscreen barriers will be completely covered with plants. The screens are discussed in more detail below and in our brochure.

Noise Reduction

The standard greenscreen noise barrier is constructed with coir fibre on both sides and an absorbent layer of mineral wool, a plastic PE net, and a galvanised steel mesh on the interior.

The exterior layer is completed with overgrown coconut fibres (bare). When no planting on both sides is convenient or desired, the Greenscreen Standard Noise Barrier is the best noise barrier option for business settings, places directly alongside major roads, the conversion of machines and air conditioning units, and other similar situations.

  • Sound absorption EN1793-1: Dla=7dB (a)
  • Sound insulation EN1793-2: Rw=30dB (a)

This is an industry leading environmentally acceptable noise barrier solution

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Fencing Properties

  • High sound insulation and absorption
  • Durable & environmentally-friendly
  • Foundation: galvanized steel IPE or HEA poles
  • Material: version with coconut tube on both sides
  • Steel frame version: thermally galvanized or powder coated (surcharge)
  • Minimum required construction space: approx. 15-20cm
  • Delivered fully custom-made (width and/or height)
  • Certification: CE and NL Green label A
  • Guarantee: 10 years

Panel Details

Maximum panel height 250cm 200cm (H)
Maximum panel width 250cm 200cm (W)
Panel thickness   9cm
Maximum manual construction height   300cm
Maximum machine construction height   800cm
Panel weight   22-28 kg/m2

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