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Why Create A Bespoke Water Feature?

Water features are a beautiful focus point in any landscape, and the calming sound of running water may help you relax and unwind. Aside from the ambiance, water features are known for their capacity to improve air quality and humidity. A garden fountain from our impressive range will enrich any outdoor environment, from urban and contemporary forms to quirky water fountains. Why not stand out from the crowd and create a complelty unique water feature for your next project.


Why Choose Livingreen Design To Create Your Bespoke Water Feature?

Livingreen Design offers a complete custom design and build service. With experienced product designers on board, we are able to take a rough idea and, utilising our CAD facilities, produce drawings and 3D models for your review and approval prior to manufacturing in wood, metal, fibreglass, or any necessary combination of these materials. Any size and finish can be provided, and fibreglass is especially well suited for roof gardens or other places where weight is a concern. Logos and dates can be simply inserted, as well as lighting.


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