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At Livingreen Design we like to find solutions for all our customers. We were approached by a lovely young couple looking for a WOW replica tree for their home. The challenge was that it really needed to fit round a supporting pillar! 

So, we had quite a few calls and discussions to find out what their vision was, what sort of foliage was required, how large, canopy size and shape…etc. Once everything was agreed we then had a tight lead time to have everything in place by the Christmas holidays (just 4 weeks!).

This type of bespoke tree must be designed and built from scratch. First, we had to replicate the pillar, then create the steel ‘sleeve’ then, start the build. We then had to make and fit ‘the bark’ and hand paint the trunk and branches, all in a way that would make the tree easy to install as well as fit perfectly.

With a full set of build instructions and photos the customer and their builders took on their own install. We were delighted to receive beautiful pictures just before Christmas with everything complete. 

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