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What is Greenscreen Garden Fencing?

Greenscreen Garden Fencing has a unique and natural design. Coconut fibres that are both natural and robust are used to cover the outside. In addition to giving the garden fencing an appealing appearance, this also makes them the perfect surface for different kinds of climbing plants. Within a few years, the fencing will be hidden with growing plants.

Advantages over traditional garden fencing

  • Durable & environmentally friendly
  • Ideal surface for climbing plants
  • Long lasting
  • Customisation (without extra costs)
  • Panel size accurate to 5mm 

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Fencing Properties

  • Natural & distinctive
  • Garden screen frame made from galvanized steel 1.25mm
  • Plastic tubes wrapped in coconut fibre and secured with a horizontal bar
  • Garden screens to be placed between steel metallic JB or wooden poles 6.5 x 6.5cm
  • Mesh panels can be used to provide a view
  • Matching doors can be supplied with cylinder lock or gate latch

Size Options

  Width cm Height cm
Standard Garden Screen 180 180
Large Garden Screen 200 200
Low Garden Screen  180 90
Narrow Garden Screen 90 180

What it looks like

Our gallery shows the various stages of foliage growth and potential locations for greenscreen garden fencing - why not add to your garden too? Speak to us today