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Standard Artifical Trees

With sizes from 2-8m tall and a vast range of species represented, including many different varieties of palms.

These trees have all been specially selected to represent outstanding value for money combined with a realistic appearance, many featuring natural stems.

As with all our replica plant selection, if your chosen tree isn’t in stock we will always source and offer an alternative from our many partners in Europe and beyond.

Standard varieties

  • Cycas and Palm Trees
  • Ficus Trees
  • Olive and Mediterranean Trees
  • Flowering and Fruit Trees
  • European Trees
  • Bamboo

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Some of our incredibly realistic Artificial Trees

Can you tell the difference from the real thing?

Bespoke Artificial Trees

These are quite simply the most realistic artificial trees on the market. Each one is hand built by genuine artists who have developed a building technique over many years that can create the ideal tree for every situation. Every detail, the clear stem, the width of the canopy, the number and location of branches, the shape and thickness of the crown, the number of leaves – simply everything can be specified and a drawing supplied for approval before the magic begins. Best of all, access is never a problem. These trees are supplied as ‘kits’ that are easily assembled on site. Typically a 4m tree can be supplied on a single pallet.

We have supplied trees of up to 8m height with a 4-5m spread that could be taken up a typical single width staircase and installed many floors up. Much of our work comes in the form of repeat business or personal recommendation as our clients are so bowled over by the change in a building’s ambience that these trees create. Everything is available, from beautiful blossom trees, to majestic European oaks, tropical Ficus and Mediterranean olives. The tree shown on the following pages are illustrative of type only – they were all created for individual clients and give you a taste of the differen

Why our artificial trees are different

The secret of our bespoke tree kits is the invisible joints between trunk and branches that are created using metal sleeve inserts with male and female ends that marry together for a truly seamless fit. All branches and their partners are supplied labelled so building is a breeze. Our preference is to use real recycled trunks and branches to create each unique tree, however, resin trunks are also available.

We are confident we can provide you the best artifical trees available.

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Complete Bespoke Artificial Tree Projects

Our artificial trees look even better when in their final homes