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A moss wall can be a great way to brighten up a space and add a touch of uniqueness. Whether it's your office or an indoor moss wall, they hola a whole range of benefits aside from their intriguing aesthetic and calming energy. Keep reading to find everything you need to know before getting a moss wall installed.

Living And Preserved Moss Walls

There are two kinds of moss walls to know about before having one installed.

Living Moss Walls

Living moss walls have moss that is still alive and they will require specific temperature conditions to thrive well. They hold a range of benefits too, aside from being an eye catching statement feature.  

Live moss walls will need appropriate lighting and humidity to do well, so if you don’t have the right conditions in your home or office, you could consider a preserved moss wall instead.

Preserved Moss Walls

Preserved moss walls are not alive, and so they don’t require the same level of maintenance as a living wall. That being said, you lose some of the benefits of a moss wall, like their air purifying abilities and noise cancelling. Preserved walls are good if you are looking for something that is easy to maintain.

Moss is versatile and whichever one you choose is entirely up to you.

Benefits Of Moss Walls

A few benefits of moss walls include:

Improved air quality - Living walls purify the air, much like any other kind of plant.

Noise reduction - In offices or noisier environments, moss walla can provide an effective noise cancelling trait.

Productivity - Plants are proven to increase productivity and cognition, so yuo could be helping your staff out!

Improved health and well-being - With improved air quality and increased productivity, your moss wall is beneficial overall to your health and well-being.

Installation Process

Usually a moss wall is installed on a steel panel or backing board, they can be installed almost anywhere, however, they will need specific conditions to thrive. Putting them outside, in dry areas or near air conditioning and heating is a bad idea, as they will not survive.

If you need more information, speak to an expert or professional.

LivingGreen Design

Here at LivingGreen Design, we offer delicately preserved, real moss in a range of sizes and shapes that are sure to liven up your space. Or, we can create any design or size to accommodate you.

If you are interested in our brilliant moss walls or any of our other products, feel free to get in touch with us today and speak to one of our team.