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Trees and flowers grow all around us as an ever-present reminder of nature’s abundance. Even in today’s world of built-up cities and suburbs, green spaces persevere in order to allow us to reap the benefits of a natural environment. Trees are a vital part of this, where their primary purpose is to keep the carbon cycle balanced and provide a home for numerous species of wildlife. Beyond this, trees can also lift our moods and deliver a sense of connection to nature wherever they appear in our landscapes.

But thanks to modern technology, you can reap the benefits of having a tree in your outdoor or indoor space without worrying about maintenance. Artificial tree installations are the best way forward if you’re looking to add an injection of greenery to your architecture whilst avoiding the difficulties of caring for a real tree. Read on to find out more about purchasing outdoor artificial trees, where this helpful guide is designed to answer all your most pressing questions.

What Are The Benefits For Businesses?

There are numerous reasons why artificial trees may be chosen for an office or workplace installation over real planting. A commercial environment is one where architecture can have a big impact on employee morale, where it is important to consider how a plant installation could transform the atmosphere of your space. Some of the top advantages include:

Immediacy - A new artificial tree installation can give the look of your workplace an instant green boost, where you don’t have to wait for tree saplings to grow in order to get the full effect straight away. This can help you to create an entirely new atmosphere in your space, virtually overnight.

Costs - Investing in an artificial tree means that you will only have to make a one time payment to have your space filled with greenery. Real alternatives may die or demand regular upkeep, all of which can cost your company money.

Flexibility - If you opt for an artificial tree installation in your workplace then you can easily switch up your greenery or invest in a new design. With real trees, it is a bit more difficult to change the layout or look of the space without destroying a piece of the local environment.

Safety - Real trees can be liable to fall down in strong winds, or to drop leaves and branches. Real roots are also unpredictable, where it is much easier to make your work space safe for everyone with an artificial alternative.

Ease - A natural tree will require pruning, trimming and shaping throughout the year to keep it looking its best, whilst an artificial tree installation basically takes care of itself. This means that you can simply enjoy the appearance of a natural tree with none of the usual upkeep.

Hypoallergenic - Unlike real trees, an artificial installation is entirely hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t cause any allergic reactions in your visitors or employees. As such you can create a green space that can be enjoyed by everyone throughout the year.

Artificial Trees: A Buyer’s Guide

Artificial tree installations are still a relatively new product on the architectural scene, particularly when it comes to full scale tree replicas. As such you may have questions about how these faux trees work or how you could benefit from choosing an artificial option over a natural plant. Some of your burning questions have been answered below:

What Are Artificial Trees Made Of?

Most artificial trees and shrubs will be manufactured out of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a widely used synthetic polymer of plastic. Other alternatives may be made from resin-based materials or other plastics depending on how sturdy or lightweight the product is intended to be. Some artificial trees may also consist of a metal framework to help support the structure.

What Kind Of Planter Do They Require?

With an artificial tree, you don’t have to worry about soil conditions or watering when it comes to choosing a planter. That being said, size and depth are still important to ensure that the installation is properly secure. Always increase the diameter of your planter as the height of the tree increases. For example a 25 cm plant needs a pot at least 15 cm wide, whilst a 55 cm plant needs one measuring at least 25 cm across.

How Do I Protect Them From Severe Weather?

Most artificial trees will be able to withstand everyday outdoor weather conditions, including wind and rain. Investing in a UV protection spray in summer and a plant jacket in winter can help to defend your installation from the most extreme weather conditions. You should also consider placing your installation in an area that is relatively sheltered from strong winds, where your tree should always be properly secured in its planter.

Will I Save Money?

Whilst an artificial tree may seem like a big upfront investment, you will save money in the long run. This is because your maintenance costs will remain low, where you don’t need to worry about clearing fallen leaves or pruning. If a real tree becomes damaged or infected, it will cost you money to have it removed by a professional, whilst an artificial installation won’t be vulnerable to these kinds of natural threats.

Do They Require Any Maintenance?

Like any artificial installation, faux trees will require a small amount of maintenance to keep them in top condition. Mostly this will consist of cleaning, where a build up of dust or debris could harm the overall appearance of the plant. You may also wish to reapply a UV coating or upgrade your planter over time to keep your tree looking its best.

Do They Require Assembly?

Whether or not your artificial tree will require assembly depends entirely on its size and the space where it is to be installed. Some larger trees will be delivered in parts to allow your plant to be constructed in a narrow space, whilst others can be bought in one piece. Many retailers will offer an installation service so you won’t have to worry about assembling a complex design single handedly. If your tree does need to be assembled, it will come with extensive labelling and instructions to make the process a simple one.

Livingreen Design: Faux Trees, Garden Planters & Much More

At Livingreen Design, we offer an unbeatable selection of artificial trees, water features and fibreglass planters, where our installations are built to give your space an instant architectural makeover.

Our Unique Tree Installations

Our bespoke products feature a unique design that differentiates our installations from other artificial tree options. They each feature invisible joints between each trunk piece and branch, where metal sleeve inserts come together to provide a completely seamless connection. We use both real recycled trunks and branches as well as resin alternatives to deliver a truly realistic final product.

Our kits can be delivered and assembled on site, so you don’t have to worry about fitting a large installation through a compact space. This means that we can create precision designs that have been crafted for your exact requirements, where our bespoke trees can be altered and adjusted down to the last leaf. Choose from a broad selection of tree species, including oak, olive and blossoming tree designs. Our range spans from heights of 2 to 8 metres, so you can find the perfect fit for your commercial space.

The Livingreen Product Range

We also offer a selection of artificial flowers, hedges and shrubs, where our installations are designed to provide an instant green makeover without the hassle of authentic planting. In addition to this, we’re recognised for our extensive range of fibreglass and glazed plant pots, where we supply a comprehensive range designed to suit all your garden needs. Whether you’d like a sleek chrome planter or a traditional terracotta option, we’ve got the product for you.

You can also browse our selection of moss walls and water features, where these are designed to transform your outdoor and indoor spaces with ease. Get in touch today to find out more about our range of commercial artificial trees, or to enquire about any of our additional products.